Quality Control

To provide our customer with the highest quality parts made to specification we have had full traceability on parts since 1976. We are a AS9100C ISO9001 certified facility. Our routing system has gone from a paper shop traveler to a digital system. This Digital system documents all orders and how the parts our routed through the shop floor, from receiving raw material, to sawing, machining, de-burring, inspection, assembly, and outside vendors. It also keeps track of the amount of time required to manufacture a part. It also takes into account for the amount time outside vendors work on the part and every process the part goes through. This system helps ensure that parts don’t miss a step and we can give customers an accurate time estimate on deliveries. ┬áPlease note: If your company needs customer approved suppliers please specify at the time of quote and on the P.O. Our quality control manual is reviewed annually to help with continual improvement. It is also available upon request.

  • Dedicated inspection room.
  • Mitutoyo Bright 707 DCC CMM with PH9A 5th axis head
  • Nikon Metrology CMM Manager
  • Brown & Sharp CMM
  • Mitutoyo PH-14 Comparator
  • Gauge pins .011 - 1.0
  • 3 Mitutoyo Height Gauges up to 24 inches
  • Multiple indicators .0001 resolution
  • Multiple Micrometers 0.0001 - 5.000, Blade micrometers 0.0001-2.000, Pin Micrometers 0.0001-2.000
  • Multiple Calipers Up to 0.001- 12.0
  • Multiple Depth Micrometers
  • Thread gauges, ring gages, pitch micrometers up to 2.000
  • ID Intramics .19-1.615, Bore gauges 2.0- 4.12, ID Groove micrometer
  • Joe Blocks


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