About Company

We are a supplier of high quality precision machined components, engineering services and assemblies for all types of industries. With over 37 years in the manufacturing business, we have experience needed to provide you with quality parts the first time!

“A” Precision Machining Corporation was started in 1976 to serve the growing needs of precision made parts and assemblies for Northern California. Customer’s large and small saw the craftsmanship of the parts being made and the company began to grow. From that point the company has had success and was moved to a facility in San Jose in 1978. Since then the company has moved into even larger facility with lower overhead located in Cameron Park CA, just outside of Sacramento.  We still provide Standard one day shipping to the entire bay area and Nevada. Always providing high quality parts, "A" Precision Machining Corp has constantly invested in brand new CNC equipment, inspection equipment, and software. We always review our in house work order manuals to yield the highest productivity, to achieve the lowest cost, and on time delivery to our customers. We are familiar with all types of material from plastic to titanium and everything in between. From prototype to production we are here to meet your needs.


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The Industries We Work For

  • For the last 41 years we have done work for over 300 different companies all across the United States.

We work in the fields of:

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Semi Conductor
  • Military
  • Oil Industry
  • After Market Automotive